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We are developing scripts for Trading View.

In our offer you will find free and paid scripts. Free TradingView plan is enough to use them.

Script packages:

Package "Volume Profile For All Accounts" - Free access

Volume Profile tools on Trading View are available starting from Pro plan. This set of scripts is working with FREE plan, giving nice approximation of Volume Profile results.

Package "Volume Footprint"

A package of scripts that is an extension of the Volume Profile tool available on TradingView. The Volume footprint shows the distribution of the traded volume inside the candlestick. The package includes also tools that count statistics from the volume inside the candles.

Package "Waves"

A package of scripts created for Polish Waves Theory, that connects many popular aspects of technical analysis: trend detection, multiframe analysis, support-resistance zones, fibonacci retracements, harmonic patterns, candlestick formations.

Package "Elliot waves"

According to Elliott, a market cycle consists of eight waves. 5 upward waves and 3 downward waves following them, which are their corrections. In up and down movements, the odd waves are in the direction of the movement, and the even waves are their corrections. Analyzing in more detail, each direction movement again consists of 5 waves, and each correction consists of 3 waves. This simple concept can describe market behavior surprisingly accurately. This script package aims to mark Elliot Waves on a chart.

Package Exchange Indexes

The package is intended for people interested in stock indexes and their analysis.


The WIG20 index is a price index of the largest listed companies on the GPW/WSE. The index value is calculated based on the turnover and share prices of the 20 largest listed companies.

In that package we have:
* Wig20 Volume - Chart showing volume/cash flow on Wig20 index.
* Wig20 Volume Stats - Volume statistics compared with similar periods in history.
* Wig20 Sentiment - Wig20 sentiment in +2 and +9 months time period.
* Wig20 Expectation - Wig20 expectations in +2 and +9 months time period.
* Wig20 Impact - Script showing expected impact of price change of particular instrument on the Wig20 index.


The Dow Jones Industrial Average is an American stock index composed of 30 large companies.

In that package we have:
* DowJones Volume - Chart showing volume/cash flow on DowJones index.
* DowJones Volume Stats - Volume statistics compared with similar periods in history.

More indexes are comming soon...

Package Harmonics

The concept of harmonic patterns was introduced around 1935. Gartley formation was based on XABCD framework with particular values from Fibonacci values set. With only XABCD frame and Fibonacci values we have over 4 000 atomic combinations. Gartley formation is composed from two atomic combinations. Since then, numerous other combinations have been proposed and can be found on various internet sources. Our objective is not only to utilize known combinations, but also to develop a methodology for identifying combinations that best fit the price changes of a particular financial instrument.

Package Machine Learning

With this package we are checking different approaches to machine learning (foundations of AI) based on price chart data.

Package Wyckoff - coming soon.

Solo scripts:

VWAP - Free access

Volume-Weighted Average Price ( VWAP ) is calculating day, week, month or year average price where transaction prices are weighted with the volume value. - Estimating the average price based on both volume and price.

Volume Profile Visible Range For All Acounts PRO - coming soon

coming soon

Price Gaps - Free access

Script is tracking price gaps on stock or indexes that are not continously traded. Usually, such gaps are filled fairly quickly.

Price Gaps PRO

Contains all functionality of Price Gaps and adding alerts and statistics for a better overview of the situation.

MultiTimeFrame Choppiness Index - Free access

The script showing value of CHOP Index on few timeframe at the same time. 

Kyushu Legs

Kyushu Legs is a trend change detector proposed by Goichi Hosoda.

Kyushu Legs PRO

Kyushu Legs is a trend change detector proposed by Goichi Hosoda.
This is a PRO version with all the features:
- Show Kyushu Legs
- Show Kyushu leg formations for both up and down trend
- Draw trend based on Kyushu Legs
- Sends alerts when trend is changing.
- Shows places where historically alerts were send


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